Saturday, 26 October 2013

Top 10 Publisher and advertiser Alternatives to Google Adsense Program

If you’re asking this question, the answer is
“Yes!” I do not guarantee their CPC is going to
be as high as google adense but they do pay.
As a matter of fact, some of them do pay high.
1. Addynamo
The reason this is on top of the list is because
I have a first hand experience with them and
the CPC isn’t that bad. I run a music search
engine site and you can’t run Google ads on
that except you want to get your account
suspended. Anyway, Addynamo is cool and I
sometimes get $0.50 per click. The payout is
only $20 and you can get your money through
The only problem I have with them is the way
they advertise their program on your blog
when they’ve got no ads to serve and it takes a
very long time before real ads start showing
on your blog. People say Addynamo doesn’t
have many advertisers, but i can tell you that
they are getting more by the day
2. Adbrite
I first signed up with them before choosing
Addynamo but had to leave because they do
not pay through Paypal. Adbrite is a trusted
name in contextual advertising and it’s been
said to be a major alternative to Google
Adsense. The default payout is $100 but you
can set it to any amount above $5. payment is
only by cheque last time I checked.
3. Chitika
If you wish to run a different ad platform on
your blog alongside Google Adsense, you
should consider choosing Chitika. It complies
with Adsense policies and they offer great
contextual ads based on users’ search query
and this gives you a high CPM. The minimum
payout is $10 and it’s either by check or
4. Buysellads
Buysellads is an online advertising platform
that brings publishers and advertisers together
directly and this advertising platform allows
advertisers to choose which website to display
ads on based on the site content and
advertisers budget. Lots of bloggers with good
traffic are earning big with them but they
charge 25% of your earning for the service
they offer. You can withdraw through Paypal,
cheque or bank wire transfer and the
minimum payout is 50$.
5. Infolinks
Infolinks offers in-text ads and and it’s the
best in this aspect. The in-text ad is
unobtrusive and you can as well use it along
with Google Adsense. Minimum payment is
50$ for Paypal and debit cards and 300$ for
bank wire transfer.
6. Kontera
Just like Infolinks, Kontera offers in-text
advertising and it won’t take up any space on
your blog. It turns keywords to ads and you
can use it along with any other contextual
advertising platform you use. You get paid by
Paypal or cheque and the minimum payout is
7. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser works a bit differently from others.
It allows publishers to sell ad space directly to
advertisers with the highest bidder. Setting up
your This gives you some control and the
minimum payout is just $10
8. Clicksor
Clicksor is a major alternative to Google
Adsense offering contextual ads based on your
site content. You’re paid 60% of what
advertisers. They offer in-text ads, text
banners, image banners and even popup-
unders. The choice is yours and the minimum
payout is $50 through Paypal or check.
9. Adstract
Adstract is a global video-based advertising
network that specializes in video ads, video
distribution and monetization. It’s been
around for a while, 2005 I think. The
minimum payout is $100 through Paypal or
10. Luminate
This is very different from others and it’s ideal
for you if you use lots of images on your blog.
It notes the keywords that have been tagged
with your image and displays relevant ads.The
minimum payout is $10 which can either be
through PayPal or Standard Cheque.
It’s a pretty long list an the one you use is up
to you. Do you have more to add to the list?
Which one have you tried and what has your
experience been like?

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