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BLackBerry Advanced Device Locks (Full)v.1.01.14

Application Description:
Secure your phone ! Do you need to protect important
information and personal data on your phone ?
Do you need to restrict the access to certain applications ? Do
you need to stay confident that your
phone applications will not be accessible even if the phone is
stolen ?

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Back Up Your blackberry Files

1 . To carry out this back up process , you will need a new
version of the Blackberry desktop Manager, a compatible USB
cable , your blackberry phone , and this manual as a guide . I
have taken my time to research into this topic and here it
comes to you free of charge . There are a lot you can do with
the Blackberry Desktop Manager ( BDM ) , and they include : -
1 . Synchronize data between your Blackberry phone and your
computer , other devices or another blackberry.
2 . Back up ( save) all or part of your Blackberry files on your
computer .
3 . Delete ( wipe ) all or part of the contents of your Blackberry
phone .
4 . Explore the available options in your Blackberry phone .
5 . Investigate into the version and properties of your phone .
6 . Switch between two ( old and new ) Blackberries ( useful for
pin swap) .
7 . Forget devices ; useful for discarding old phones.
8 . General File Management and transfer.

How to Transfer Large Files in Short Time

In android phone with tethering between two phones you
can send 500 mb Application in 1 mins beacause tethering has
more speed then bluetooth connection
The two phones must have this application before using it. .
And the application dont use bluetooth connection

First download flash share from this link

2 . Install and launch the application , create your username
and add your picture to it, thesame with your partner
3 . Now Click “ CONNECT WITH FRIENDS ” option on the Home
screen of the flash transfer application in both / all devices .
4 . ClickCREATE CONNECTIONin the Senders / partner device
and click SCAN TO JOINin the Receivers device .
5 . Sender’ s device will be waiting for a connection to be
created after the Receiver joins his / her connection .
6 . Now Wait for the Receivers device to establish the
connection which will take fee sec .
7 . A successful connection will show the name of both the
Sender and Receiver AVATAR icons on the top left corner of
each device . just the way you see me at my screenshot picture
8 . Slide option is only valid for transferring image files . To
transfer an Image , go to Image tab and long press the image
that has to be transferred.
9 . An option ribbon will appear with 4 commands. Click on
SLIDE option to Share the Image . Sender can also share by
clicking on SHARE option on the ribbon.
10 . On Clicking the SLIDE option , the image will open in the
sender ’ s device. Slide the Image from Left to Right and the
Image will start sliding into the receiver’ s device.
11 . On Sliding out the Image from the Senders device, the
same will Slide in to the Receivers device .
12 . Another option to share or transfer multiple Images is
13 . Select the desired image files in the Senders device and
SHAKE the handset .
14 . Within seconds , the Images are transferred to the
receiver ’ s device. Similarly , other files can also be
transferred with a SHAKE .
15 . All the shared files will reflect under the History Tab .
16 . After the whole process , don ’ t forget to turn off WIFI
connection to save battery consumption .


Hello my fellow 9 jabazite members , where are the pes
gurus ? In PeS I have Mentors , however Iam known in the
Game , even In ma Crib . If i can remember PES was my best
game because it make you to think like your are footballer,
Who is not familiar
with the PES , or better known as Winning Eleven ? PES is the
next generation of Winning Eleven football game made by
Konami famous first through the Playstation platform . PES is
now available for all platforms , namely Nintendo , Wii, Xbox
360 , and PC . PES is now venturing into the smartphone , and
is available in the iOS version , Symbian , Android and Bada .
Many other games, such as Real Football from Gameloft and
EA FIFA , but PES is still the game of football too . And the
latest version of the game is PES 2013 . HOW CAN I RUN PES
2012 ON ANDROID ? just follow the below steps , pls adhere
strictly . Attachments DOWNLOAD PES 2012 APK FROM
sharemobile . ro . Or our downloading portal DOWNLOAD PES
2012 DATA WhAT NEXT? 1 . Extract the sd card files first by
using File manager or xplore or unzipper or B1 Free Archiver
zip rar unzip to ANDROID FOLDER 2 . Then insert it into
DATA FOLDER 3 . Lastly install your Pes 2012 . apk that you
downloaded already And Enjoy the game . NOTE ; If you have
any problem on running the game , just comment , either me
or any Member can Assist, its an Open forum jare. PLS


This is a simple trick : - ) : - ) >> Before you type ur comment
just do this little things
In ur clip board put @@ [ 1 : [ 0 : 1 : just a space and type ur
comment and another space before this ] ]
FOR EXAMPLE : - @ @[ 1 : [ 0 : 1 : witchkid ] ]
Tested and Trusted


Code To Trace Hidden Number
Sometimes yo get calls from
source and you just can not
figure it out
d number. Use this trick now to view the
caller .
Dail * # 30 #
It is 100 % working. Hit the
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How To Tag Friends On Your Facebook Status Using Java Your Phone

Facebook is the No 1 social networking site which is
almost used by all the internet users . To be frank ,
many of the people who don ’ t even have a PC are
also using Facebook through their mobile phones . Well , a
common problem which is often faced by
the mobile Facebook users is tagging friends in any
comment or status . Usually , on PC , you can just use
@ , and type the first 1 to 3 letters of your friends ,
and after that , all of your friends who name relates
with those letters comes up in a drop down menu . You just
have to select the person from the drop
down menu , and your tagging is done . Well , this
feature is also available for the smartphone users
but those who are using Java phones, tagging
friends on Facebook becomes very hard . So , I have
come up with this post to tutor you on how you can easily tag
friends on any status or comment from
your mobile phone itself . Now , let ’ s get started : - 1 . First of
all , you have to find out the Profile ID of
the person whom you want to tag . To do so , you
can simply go to this profile ( from PC ) and at the
address bar , you will notice a URL like this –
www . facebook . com / profile . php ? id= 5678456789 .
In this case , the profile ID is 5678456789 . Similarly , you can
also find out your friend’ s profile
ID . 2 . You are now ready to tag him on any status or
comment . To get started , just type @[ Profile
ID : Name ] where you want the tag to be appeared .
For example : - @ [ 5678456789: Priyangshu Borgohain ] Hi ,
what ’ s
Up ! Well , you are done now ! , Facebook will surely
Notify him that someone just mentioned him in a
Post and many of your Friends can also Click on his
Name to check his Profile and that. . . I hope that you will like
this simple trick for sure . I
will soon come up with more. . . . .