Sunday, 27 October 2013

How To Create A Website Like Naijaloaded

This tutorial is all about installing the PBNL Php script, That Look like naijaloaded site For the
script demo, you can check .
First, you have to get a server. Register on one of the following
sites. register. At http:// or .
Then secondly, download your PBNL Scipt from Here.
Go through an FTP Client i.e .
Upload your php script and unzip it to your public_html folder.
Go to your server and create a mysql database. Your username
and database name should be the same for begginers.
Go through the FTP client and edit the file settings.php in the
folder moduls. Fill the settings.php with your database settings.
Go back to your public_html folder, you will see a file named
pbnl.sql. Click on the file. You will see generate install file for
those who are using it is more easier.
Just fill your database settings and you are ready to go.
Goto yoursite/install.php to install your script and your site is
ready. Just drop any complain as comment below.

Click here for more php script

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