Thursday, 17 October 2013

Root Android Phone Meaning Advantages And Disadvantages

Am pretty sure that every now and then you have come across
topics on the internet teaching and discussing on how to root
android phones , devices and other related topics, did you ever
wonder what it meant to root an android phone? Well, I too used to
imagine what it meant but I now got a better understanding to the
term and I want to share with you here.

Meaning Of Root Android Phone Or Device

Rooting an android phone or device is simply a process that allows
an android user to attain privileged control over his/her device.
When an android user root his android device, he gets access to all
system files on the device and also gives the user the ability to
change or perform certain operations on the device which normally
cannot be done.

Advantages Of Rooting Android Phones Or Device

There are basically lots of advantages to performing the above
function but am going to list just a few here.

1. Gain Full Control Over Your Android Device: Rooting your
android device will give you access to change the system files, boot
images and more on your device thus giving you full control.

2. Install Custom ROMS: Normally there are customs all over the
internet, ROMS that will entirely change your device thus giving it a
new look and feel. When you root your android device you get a
custom ROM and customize your device to your taste. You can even
choose to install ROM that will improve performance of your device,
speed and battery.

3. BackUP and Restore Your Entire System : Performing the
rooting process will also give you the opportunity to backup your
entire system on a memory card.

4. Update To Latest Android OS Version : When you root android
phone or device, it will allow you to update your device to the latest
version of android device Operating System(OS).

Disadvantage :

I really do not think there is an advantage without a disadvantage
and same is applicable to when you root your device, the major
disadvantage in performing the rooting process is the risk of
damaging your android phone or device. Yes you heard me right, if
you didn’t perform the rooting process properly, you run the risk of
causing demage to your phone or device. More so, due to improper
rooting, the device phone might over-cloak or under-cloak thus
leading to the device processor to over-heat and in some cases, the
device might explode, so I suggest you take precaution when rooting
your android device.
Hope this helps?
In my subsequent posts, I will be teaching on how to root most
android devices like the tecno N7 and more.

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