Saturday, 12 October 2013

Related Music script For Pbnl User

this will teach you how to show related Musics On Your PBNL SCRIPt
[k script]

First of all Download The Script
Make sure You Open the readme.txt before you start.
Next: extract the whole files to a Folder in You Computer / phone.
upload this relatedmu.php into any of your directory!
e.g /music/ and visit it like
NOTE: you must be logged in before you visit, so this will alter your
tables to enable the related querry of musics.
next open related music querry.txt On you note Pad and copy the
whole code to where you want to display the related musics
Note: don't alter anything,
We dont use the same script/Querry again so i dont know if it may
work for you But Am 100% sure its Gonna work.
Good luck drop your comment Here Plz.

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