Saturday, 12 October 2013


This is new mod of pbnl...
* extra secure admin cp
* new moderator cp.
* css options in settinqs.php e.g black, blue, red or green.* all
forum & tutorials bugs fixed
* u can make user moderator, global admin via admin cp..
* Global pm to all users, moderator, or admins only
* all buggy links fixed
* login problem fixed
* it works on all host
* many more dat i cnt finish mentioning..
How to Install..
* unzip the script to ur public_html
* create a database and uploadPBNL.sql to phpmyadmin..
* goto moduls folder edit settings.php and fill ur database details
and site settings.
* goto register as a global admin
* after this delete install.php and ursite is ready for use..
For those who re already usinq this script.
note: nothing will happen to ursite forums, tutorials and others. but
just follow my steps.. Unzip the script to ur public_html & don't
upload the PBNL.sql to phpmyadmin.. Just add ur current database
details inside moduls/settinqs.php and u're good to Go..
Though i $pent some money for data codinq this script bcosi do all
my codinqs with mobile but am sharinq it abosolutely for free..


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