Monday, 28 October 2013

New glo free browsing for all phone android included

. This is what i use to post this cheat . . . Take it or leave it.
Every body free glo opera mini browsing . . . . . Just download this
opera mini with link /vd1ep1i14 b.html
then . . . . . Insert your glo sim to install for free and start
browsing till asuu call off strike . . . If it does not install kindly
cheat to either mtn or etisalat defult setting in your fone . Pls
testimonies is needed.


  1. Hello John, is the proxy cheat working again on Airtel? Because I'm planning to get a new airtel sim if it is so please respond.

    And quickly, your blog makes sense to me in a similar way that does.

  2. am not so sure. but you can try it maybe it will work, just give it a try....