Thursday, 17 October 2013

how to run java apps & games on your andriod phones

some say andriod cant run java , lolz you
guys are funny well just look down below
you will find how to run Java apps
( J 2 ME- MIDP ) on Android Devices in this
article .
We will use Netmite App Runner , JBED ,
and phoneME emulator to run Java Apps
Android . All of them might not work for
depends on your Device and ROM. But I
sure , one of them will be absolutely
for you , so please keep reading and try
apps out .
Netmite App Runner
This is the most popular application to run
Java apps and games ( J 2 ME/ MIDP jar /
jad )
app on Android OS.
This application has App Explorer , which
helps to find existing Java apps and games
on your phone / tablet device.
It is integrated with Browser- Browse any
j 2 me site , click to run any jad/ jar file .
It can auto - convert J 2 ME into Android
package ( apk ) on the fly .
You can immediately port your existing
apps ( jar / jad) to Android WITHOUT source
code .
Download Current Release 2 . 0 . 3
Convert your existing Java/ J2 ME/ MIDP
( jar /
jad ) apps / games into apk from here By
Netmite .
Download already converted apk apps /
games from here By Netmite.
Download and Install the apk .
JBED is also a very good Java / J 2 ME
for Android.
It is fast but has some issue like screen
got hazy on landscape mode , unexpected
force close.
It has built in app explorer .
Download JBED version 1 . 20 for Android
2 . 1 + ( not tested on Ice - cream Sandwich or
Jelly Bean) .
1 . Copy the JAR files on your sd card root
2 . Download file and attached file and
it, you get Jbed . apk and libjbedvm . so
3 . Make sure that you have root access
( otherwise you could not get access to
system folders ) .
4 . Install Jbed . apk and push libjbedvm. so
to / system / lib and reboot your phone .
5 . Launch Java app . Press menu button
and choose SD Card . Wait a while and
choose jar apps to install .
6 . Now if you want to launch java apps ,
open Java app first and choose the
location where apps is installed . ( e . g . SD
Card folder at the top ) , click on the
installed java apps and run.
JBlend is very Similar to JBED and much
better . s smooth and never crashes .
Support most Java apps / games .
Download JBlend for Android.
1 . Unpack the archive to your memory
card .
2 . Make sure that you have root access
( otherwise you could not get access to
system folders ) .
3 . Start the Root Explorer ( EStrongs File
Explorer does not work ) .
4 . Start the Root Explorer , select r / w from
top right corner and copy files to folders
as below - need more?

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