Thursday, 17 October 2013

How To Reduce High Data Consumption On Android Phone

1 . It’ s no news that Android device consume more bandwidth
than Blackberry device and I ’ ve been thinking endlessly why
this had to be so . A normal typical Blackberry user may not
be able to even consume 500 MB data per month while this
same 500 MB won ’ t be enough for Android user for two weeks ;
this alone keep them wondering in the state of
quandary . Those android users know what am talking about .
That is why I try as much as possible to look for the cheapest
way of surfing the net suitable for every mobile device.
This tutorial is typically for Android users and it’s going to
help you reduce high amount of data rate consumption on
your android phones .

2 . How Can I Reduce High Data Consumption On My Android
Phone ?
1 . Tap on the menu button on your screen .
2 . Navigate to " Settings" .
3 . Scroll down to " Account and sync settings"
4 . Deselect " Background data" . Ignore the warning and only
select background data when you want to use Google play
store .
Alternatively , for those whose Android phone consume
battery like well , you can visit google play and download ‘
juice defender
And finally , those who are making use of PD proxy VPN , you
can now surf the net using your etisalat sim with# 0 . 0 . I don ’ t
want to officially right a post on this because the connection
is very slow .
That ’ s
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