Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to Hide Your IP Address

Hiding your I.P. address offers an additional
layer of security when surfing on the
internet. There may be times when visiting a
site that it may try to access your personal
information without you knowing. With
security flaws in web browser, a hacker site
can install malware onto your computer and
access it through your IP address. The
internet can be a hostile environment for
non-experience web surfers. So why not
hide your computer and ISP I.P. address
from the web. This can easily be done with a
proxy server.
You will need to download proxy server
software from the internet. See my resource
links below for safe downloads.
Once you have the proxy server software
installed, you will most likely need to update
its database with proxy server IP addresses.
Refer to the Help file of the software you
downloaded for detailed instructions.
Some proxy software will ask you for the
browser you are going to use so that can it
configure the browser for the correct proxy
IP address. Some software will automatically
detect what browsers are installed on your
computer and configure them automatically.
For anonymous web surfing you will need to
enable your proxy server software before
opening your browser. If you are using
Internet Explorer, you can go to Tools,
Internet Options, Connections, and then
select LAN settings. If you see that the proxy
server box is checked and you see an IP
address and port numbers, then you are all
set. This is only a one time check and
doesn't need to be repeated for the next
To surf the web with out a proxy server, all
you need is to deactivate the proxy server.
This will restore your browser configuration
to the original settings.

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