Monday, 28 October 2013

how to format blackberry phones

The BB doctor is here and will pilot this thread by teaching you how
to flash your BB OS and save you tons of money you would spend
when you take the phone to be fixed.
Firstly you will need to install the blackberry desktop manger, it
comes in a CD when u purchase you BB phone but can easily be
downloaded. An additional software to download would be BBSAK,
its used to back up BB applications and restore them among other
functions. Lastly you'll need to download the version of the OS you
want to install. a simple way of getting this is by visiting and trace a suitable OS from there.
Now that we have all this we can begin
1. connect your phone via USB
2. Backup all important contents with the blackberry desktop
manager by clicking device>restore
3. Back up all 3rd party applications using bbsak by selecting the
back up app option
4. install the OS on your windows computer like any other normal
sofware, when done go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
\Research In Motion\AppLoader look for a file "vedor.xml" and
delete it
5.remove the battery den plug the phone via USB to the computer
go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion
\AppLoader and click on the application "apploader.exe"
6.after it has detecting your PIN click next/continue select all the
components of the OS you want and click next/contiune
7. The installation will begin be careful not to disconnect the phone
while it is installing
8. when it gets to the part of "trying to reconnect to JVM" insert the
battery back into the phone
9.once the installation is completed use the same process to restore
your applications back to the phone and also to restore the backed
up data from the blackberry desktop manager
Now even though many problems can be solved in the BB world by
a simple hard reset , this is process is will take care of problems
that defy hard restore, it should be stressed that this should only be
used as a last resort though. and also backed up applications
should only be restored to phones with the same model. because i
noticed it made the phones to hang alot if you restore in a different
Any problems with your BB phone can also be posted here and i'll
attend to it, and if you know the solution to a BB problem you can
also assist by sharing

Pls comment below if you have any problem when formatting your BlackBerry
So that I can help you

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