Saturday, 26 October 2013


1. Wapka.Mobi is a free Subdomain and Limited Hosting Provider
xHTML Base Wapsite. With you can create own
professional looks WAP site simply and fast without knowledge
of any programming language (PHP,WML,XHTML,...). All WAP
site you can edit right from your phone, but also from WEB site
2. Address of your WAP site will be:- !
How to Register on Wapka?

1. At first enter - Wapka.Mobi .
2. Then click on register and complete Registration giving all
Then enter Admin mode .

Your site is created !!!!!! Test it now!
How you will edit your site ?

1. You will see after login in Admin mode of your site. You Have to
enter ::EDIT SITE#:: link. And you will get a layout of options.
Select one for Start editing like Link or Text. Putr the text or link
Address in the field and Submit. You will see the result in your
page !
2. Enter ::EDITSITE#:: and select lat option named- More Advanced
Functions and learn how to Design your Wapsite.
Its like Magic. Have a fun ! Bye.

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