Saturday, 12 October 2013

How To Create PBNL Php Website [newbies] - Webmasters

LoggIn to your host, create an acc0unt and note the account
details . U can get it thru ur email and ur hosting CP . Ur details e.g
ur username in dis format u2568**** and ur created acount password.
Pls this details ar imp0rtant for loggin and editin ur website.
Afta these, download ur PBNL Script. Loggin to an FTP Client e.g
and fill ur created an acount details to loggin.
USERNAME= ur acount username in this format (u528******)
and finally your password .(u can leave other b0xes their empty)
When logged in wit your FTP. Upload your Script.
When upload successful , unzip / extract the content to ur public_
html Folder.
U can nw ask ur qesti0ns pls.. Be4 i c0mplete the Tut
U can get your PBNL Script @ .MY PBNL WEBSITE .

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