Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Website

Social Networking sites plays an important role in driving
traffic to a website if used properly and effectively. Facebook
is one of the major social networking website with millions of
active users. If you are not promoting your website on it,
then surely you are missing a great resource of free traffic. It
is very easy to use facebook to boost traffic of your website
by creating a fan page of your website on it. To create a fan
page you just need to follow some simple steps.

Create Facebook Page With Easy Steps
Create Facebook Page
1. Create a facebook account if you don’t have already
2. Log in to your account.
3. Go to create fan page, select a desired category which
describe your website or business and then enter name
for your fan page. For example name of our facebook
fan page is “ Blogger Roll“.

4. Click check box that says “I agree to Facebook Pages
That’s all. Now your page will be active. You can like your
page and ask your other friends to like by inviting them.
Add a LOGO
A display picture or logo is the first thing which gives
impression to your visitors. Having a good profile picture for
your fan page is very important. Even it will also appear in
like box when you create one to add it to your website. I’ll
tell you later about this. First let see how to add a display
picture or logo to your facebook fan page.
Follow these steps:
1) Click on Add Profile Picture
2) Click on upload picture and then browse a picture from
your computer that suited best for your page. That’s it.
Today we learn how to create a facebook fan page for a
website that helps to generate traffic

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  1. Thanks for your tutorial brother. This is very useful for me. I will create fans page facebook for my blog :)