Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to Change your Display Name on Blogger

Blogger is one of the many blogging Web sites
that allow us to share our daily lives with the world from the comfort of our own homes. Friends use blogs to connect and stay connected
with others, and to meet new people as well. You can create your own blog to stay in touch with family and friends
online. Be sure to update your
profile often to help new friends get to know
you better and to keep your blog current with your life. You can also change the name you display to reflect your state of mind, an inside joke or anything else you might fancy.
1. Use your current user name and password
to sign in to your Blogger account.
2. Find your current blogs and latest posts on the dashboard. You will also see your
information on the right-hand side of the screen. Click "Edit my profile" to get started.
3. Add as much or as little to your profile as
you want, including the name that is displayed
when you post. You can also change whether
your name and email are displayed to the public
at all.
4. Click "Save Profile" at the bottom to save your changes.
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