Monday, 21 October 2013

Format or unlock a password/pattern locked Android phone

Do you you want to format your Android phone using
the hard reset method?
Some of the things that will make you format your
device this way includes:
1. If the device owner forgot the unlock pattern or pin
of his/her Android phone.
Once you forget this code, you cannot access the
contents of your device unless the unlock screen
gets out of the way. The last recommended
solution to this is to wipe the data of your phone
without accessing the menu. Note that this will
erase all your personal files, info and apps in the
phone storage. You will only
regain this if you earlier on backed up your phone
on your local drive or Google account. This
procedure will leave your SD card untouched.

How to unlock Android device Pattern/Pin
3. If you want to free system memory.
Formatting of device and a manual reinstallation of
apps will remarkably yield free memory for use.
4. Restore phone to factory setting.
This is needful if you want to sell your phone or if
a change in a system file made your phone to
Its simple. Many Android phone makers gives a specific
guideline on this but in the absence of such, generally
1. Switch off the device
2. Hold the POWER key together with at least the down
volume key to power the phone and start the resetting
3. A command-like window with sometimes a green text
4. Use the up/down arrow key to scroll screen and use
the Power key to select.
5. Select WIPE DATA and the phone reboots after some
few minutes to
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