Sunday, 20 October 2013

Browse Free On Your Mtn Line Using OpenVPN

No long stories, Mtn works extensively with OpenVpn on PC and
Android phones; just configure your device as seen below to ride on
with easy browsing.
For Personal Computers
==>Download OpenVPN gui here
==>PC with 32bits download here and 64bits here
==>Run and install it
==>Download the VPN config files Here
==>Extract the config files on your desktop and move them to folder
C:\Program Files
==>Set your modem's APN to,
Primary dns to and secondary to
==>Launch the OpenVPN GUI on your desktop as administrator.
==> Connect to your desired server from the OpenVPN icon in
==>Enter your username and password, and ok it.
For Android Users Running OS (4.0+)
==>Get OpenVPN for Android from playstore
==>OpenVPN Connect won't work with this
==> Download the VPN config files in this link

==> Copy the files to your SD card.

==> Set your apn to,
leave proxy and port blank or it won't work
==> Launch OpenVPN for Android, and import the configs by tapping
the folder icon located
lower right and browse your sd card for where it was saved (do this
for all config files).
==>Select your desired server from the list.
==>Enter your username and password, then hit the connect button.
To successfully use this tweak before it will be blocked, get a 
premium account from Open Vpn sellers. The test account is not
usually stable but for a test account, Username and Password is

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