Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BBM On Android & iPhone is Finally Out - Ping And Dust BBOut Of Existence

To all my Android and iPhone users who have been anticipating for
the release of BBM on Android, I’m glad to announce to you that
BBM on android and iPhone is now available. It is time to rock your
anticipated, long awaited but one time disappointed BBM for Iphone
and Android is now readily available. The fake bbm I believe has
been flushed out of Google Playstore toilet.
For Android Users, visit google play store to download it or
download it here
==>Run and install it
==>Enter your email address and you should soon receive a mail
from them.
iPhone users should should do thesame but read the info below.

According to what they pasted on their twitter page and blog in
" This is how the roll out details goes;
1. Download BBM – the easiest way is to visit from
your Android or iPhone browser*
2. Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email
address to hold your spot in line
3. We will email you as soon as you reach the front of the
line and can start using BBM
If you are among the millions that took the time to sign up at , you can start using BBM immediately without
waiting in line.* If you didn’t sign up in advance, don’t worry
– we are focused on moving millions of customers through
the line as fast as possible.
Our team of developers and engineers has been working
around the clock to bring you BBM – and make some
upgrades while we’re at it – and some incredible work has
been done. I look forward to sharing more of this with you
here, on Inside BlackBerry, soon ."
As soon as you successfully download your own and login, just drop
your pin lets test it. But please your pin should not look like WAEC
result oooo…lol!

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