Monday, 21 October 2013


Microsoft Word : Love it or hate it, practically everyone uses
it. I ' ve been using it so long, I thought I knew everything
about it. But I stumbled across some super helpful shortcuts -
hidden tricks and timesavers that make Microsoft Word
easier and faster . One caveat for these tips : different
versions of Word may have different commands, so some of
these may not work in your version . That said , here are my
top eight shortcuts :

1 . Double Click And Drag : - like most people , when you want
to move a section of text from one place to another , you use
Control X to cut and Control V to paste . That ' s fine , It works .
But there ' s a faster way: Just Highlight the Text or Image you
want to move, then simply drag what you ' ve highlighted to
where you want it to land.

2 . Double Underline You know you can affect text by hitting
Control - B to make it bold or Control - U to underline. But if
one line of underlining just isn ' t emphatic enough , Control-
Shift - D will double underline it and make it look like a Note,
Guess you remember those days when we do copy note with a
double underline under the Heading . ( On a Mac , use
Command - Shift - D. ) If that doesn' t make your point , you may
have to go to ALL CAPS , and I ' ve got a shortcut for that too …

3 . Change Case Instead of retyping everything to change from
lower case to UPPERCASE , just highlight the text you want to
change , click the case button, and then choose which case
you want.

4 . Adding Buttons to Your Toolbar Suppose you just tried
using shortcut # 3 , but the case button isn ' t on your toolbar,
no worries ; you can add it ( and almost any other command ) .
Go to View , Toolbars , Customize Toolbars , Commands, then
scroll to find the command you want — and drag it to where
on the toolbar you want it.

5 . Add the Date How many times a day do you type the date ?
If you do it even once, that ' s too much. Next time , just hit
Alt - Shift - D ( or Control- Shift - D on a Mac ) to add the date
automatically .

6 . Quick Parts : This next tip builds on what the Autotext
function did in older versions of Word : If you have a certain
paragraph of text you regularly need to add to a document —
like a boilerplate disclaimer , or maybe directions to your
office — turn it into a Quick Part . Here ' s how :
Quick Parts 1 . Highlight the text you regularly use

2 . Click the insert tab
3 . Hit Quick Parts , and choose " Save Selection To The Quick
Part Gallery " Now any time you want to insert that chunk of
text into a document , either a new one or and old one you ' re
editing , just hit that Quick Parts button . Just one more click
will select which saved Quick Part to insert . This trick will
even work as a shortcut for adding a logo or letterhead .

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